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is especialised in publishing Japanese monographs on Art and Cultural history, authentic processing of martial arts and publication of historical Japanese and East-Asian materials.

Wolfgang Ettig is considered to be the "founder of ninjutsu in Germany". Besidos judô, goshinjutsu, aikidô and various other Asian martial arts, he has mainly been studying Bujinkan Budô Taijutsu under Bo F. Munthe (Sweden) and numerous famous teachers in Japan, the USA and Europe for 40 years. Since the seventies he is a well-known freelance and author.

Our customers and those who express an interest will find in our online shop antiquarian and out-of-print books (originals and reprints) interesting antique scrolls dealing with Samurai and Japanese literature dealing with art and culture. We pay great attention that the Japanese books mostly have photographs in order to enable our customers to use the titles also as reference material.

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