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Japanese Cockpit Interiors - Part 2
AIRCRAFT TYPES INCLUDED: J2M3 (Jack), G4M (Betty), Ki-21 (Sally), H8K2 (Emily), C6N1-S (Myrt), G5N1 (Liz), Ki-46 (Dinah), P1Y1 (Frances), J1N1-Sa (Irving), Ki-67 (Peggy), J7W1 (Shinden), Ki-9 (Spruce); COCKPIT DETAIL: IJAAF: Ki-9, Ki-21, Ki-46, Ki-67; IJNAF: C6N1, G4M, G5N1, H8K2, J1N1, J2M3, J7W1, P1Y1;
This volume also includes Japanese aircraft ground equipment.

Format: 21 x 26 cm, 32 pages, Softcover (pocket book). The illustrated part of the book with historical black-and-white and colour photos. Text in English.
Year of publication: 1977 (1st Edition)
Condition: Very good and clean copy.
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