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For centuries, the Samurai dominated Japan. Although they have disappeared, their values  -honor, loyalty, and bravery-continue to influence Japanese thought today. Where did these fierce warriors come from? How did they achieve such power? This engrossing history recounts the Samurai's foundation myths, the tales of princes and emperors who set the stage for the feudal system where the Samurai thrived, the battles that changed Japan's landscape and culture, and the emergence of the clans who became the Samurai's employers. Explore the "way of the warrior" in poetry and image: these contemporary documents reveal the Samurai's high regard for the bow and arrow, their codes of behavior and their attitudes toward fear and death. Photographs show rare surviving specimens of elaborate suits of armor, often beautiful weapons, and castles. Pages abound with drawings, paintings, and photos both classical and modern. Plentiful sidebars focus on especially significant and compelling events.

Format: 22,5 x 29 cm, 144 pages, Hardcover with book jacket. Illustrated throughout with black-and-white and coloured pictures, text in English.
Year of publication: 1993
Condition: Good and clean copy. Book jacket is slightly rubbed.
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