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De L' Aikidô Moderne, á l' Aikibudô

"The Daitô Ryû Aikijujutsu and the Katori Shintô Ryû are both banks of a river and the Yoseikan Shintô Ryû is the river bed where Aikibudô flows." This is how Alain Floquet summarized the genealogy of his art insisting on the traditional origins of Aikibudô.
From modern Aikidô to Aikibudô. In this new version, Alain Floquet presents the movements and the basic knowledge of his art and underlines the importance of the roots of Aikibudô. For Aikidôka, his book opens new elements in history of their practice.
A classic of Aikidô literature (Original edition from 1986).

Format: 13 x 21 cm, 190 pages, softcover, black-and-white drawings, text in French.
Year of publication: 1986
Condition: Very good, clean and unread copy.
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