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The Kyokushin Way - Mas. Oyama's Karate Philosophy

Mas. Oyama who was born in 1923, began studying kempo at the age of nine and had attained the first level of prificiency (shôdan) by his second year in middle school. In 1928, while enrolled at the Yamanashi Youth Aviation Institute, he began studying at the martial-arts hall called the Shôto-kan, which was headed by Gichin Funakoshi.

In 1946, he isolated himself in a temple on Mount Minobu and trained in karate for a full year. In 1948, he constructed a rude hut for himself on Mount Kiyozumi, and once again trained strenuously, this time for a year during which he fed himself on grasses and berries. After coming down from the mounting, in 1949, in order to train in breaking horns from bulls, he took up residence not far from a slaughter yard. During his tay there, he broke the horns from fifty bulls.

Mas. Oyama describes in his book the quintessence of his experiences and doctrines. And all Karateka - no matter which style they follow - should read this book as he will find what the founders of this art were concerned about: Karate as a way.

Format: 15,5 x 21 cm, 112 pages, Hardcover (with book jacket). Black-and-white photos. Text in English
Year of publication: 1979 (rare first edition!)
Condition: Very good and clean copy. The book jacket is slightly rubbed. (As good as new and rare in this good condition!).

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