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A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor

With 2,6 kg, this book is a heavyweight classic among the reference books about weapons.
Its layout is similar to a reference book (dictionary) - that means that the keywords are sorted alphabetically by names and not by epochs, type, countries etc.

This book definitively focuses on Japan but also includes countries as Turkey, Persia, India, Singapore, Europe etc.
For Japanese weapons and armours, the title is a cood reference book. For all the remaining countries, however, it rather offers a rough survey. For this reason, the subtitle "...in all countries and in all times" should not be taken literally.

Nevertheless, George Cameron Stone's glossary is a classic and a good reference book for all those interested in weapons and armours. Originally published in 1934, it remains an essential manual in this field.

Format: 22 x 29 cm, 694 pages, Hardcover, Text in English.
Year of publication: 1961
Condition: Book jacket is moderate (worn out, soiled). the outside body of the book is darkened and slightly soiled, the inner bastard titles as well. Corners slightly scuffed. Inner part clean and good.
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