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Kenjutsu / Kinoshita Tokichiro and Matsushita Kahei during their fencing training

Double sheet out of the series: The new biography of von Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Shinsen Taikoki).
Detailed dôjô scene of the warriors Kinoshita Tokichiro (the young Hideyoshi) and Matsushita Kahei during their practice fight with wooden swords. On the side, two interested specatators are watching the scene. The dôjô opens to a wonderful garden with blooming cherry trees. Wonderful sheets with beautiful details.
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has this sheet in its collection.

Artist: Toyonobu (1859 - 1886)
Format: Double sheet, each 23,5 x 34 cm (two Oban)
Year of publication: around 1883
Condition: Beautiful and clean double sheet. Slightly displaced due to misprint. Lower edge has been cut. Faultlessly conserved.
Colours: Brilliant and good.

The image may slightly vary in colour to the original due to the photo/scan.

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