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Raid on a temple

This woodblock print probably shows a planned attack on a temple.

Kuchi-e are sheets which were printed for publishing them in Japanese novels and literary magazines. They were made around the turn of the century (1868-1912).
The translation of Kuchi-e means “mouth images”. Seen that way, they are, if you like, the precursors of the later mangas.

Artist: Unknown
Format: approx. 30 x 22 cm.
Year of publication: around 1880
Condition: Sheet has slight mould spots on the right edge and is slightly brown due to its age. It has a wormhole in the middle which, however, has profesionally reinforced. Two lateral folds due to the fact that it was part of a book.
Colours: Very good and brilliant.

Kuchi-e are woodblock prints which were handmade in the tradition of the antique Ukiyo-e.
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