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The bowshot of Minamoto no Tametomo
The bowshot of Minamoto no Tametomo

In the epic chronicles, Tametomo is known as excellent archer. He is said to have sunk a ship of the Taira by spearing it with only one arrow under the water line.
The lady with the nagainata is the "brave Misses Shiranuhi".
Beautiful sheet treating the subject Kyûdô / Kyûjutsu.

Artist: Utagawa Yoshitora (active ~1840-1880)
Format: approx. 24 x 36 cm (oban)
Year of publication: around 1870
Condition: Slight stains. Creased all over.
Colours: Probably a misprint. Brilliant colours.

The image may slightly vary in colour to the original due to the photo/scan.
Article no.: 70700
approx. 200 grams
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