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Wife on her sword fighting training
This print shows a lady on her sword fight training. She has lowered her bokutô.
Beautiful sheet on the theme Kendô / Kenjutsu.

This sheet of Yoshiharu is a "Collection of paintings and calligraphies" from a harimaze or a cutout which combine picture scenes with samples for calligraphy. Harimaze are woodblock prints with several pictures on one single sheet which were designed for cutting them out and integrating them in albums or onto wall screens.
Uncut harimaze sheets are rather seldom.

Artist: Utagawa Yoshiharu (1828 - 1888)
Format: approx. 25 x 36 cm. (Oban)
Year of publication: Early Meiji
Condition: Clean sheet.
Colours: Brilliant and very good.

The image may slightly vary in colour to the original due to the photo/scan.
Article no.: 70699
approx. 200 grams
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