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Messenger with spoils of war
Messenger with a severed head on his sword.
Probably out of the series: "Chinichi yû shiryaku zukai zen" ("Full description / illustrated overview of our brave national history.")
Occasionally, one can also find the description "Famous men of Japanese histroy and legend as example for wisdom and courage". Some of the sheets are individual portraits while others do have very detailled displays. These interesting designs are characterized by very vivid colouors and fine calligraphic lines.

Dramatic scene!

Ogata Koichi (Ogata Koitchi or Ogata Koitsu) was active as book illustrator from 1885 until 1901. He was a student of Ogata Gekko (1859 - 1920).

Artist: Ogata Koichi
Format: approx. 23,5 x 18 cm.
Year of publication: around 1889
Condition: Clean sheet without any damage.
Colours: Brilliant and good.

The image may slightly vary in colour to the original due to the photo/scan.
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approx. 100 grams
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