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Yoshiwakamaru fights against two doshin
Dramatic scene from the Kabuki play "Miyakodori Nagare no Shiranami" with Ichikawa Kodanji IV as Minezo and Bando Shuka I as Yoshida Matsuwakamaru. Yoshiwakamaru, who disguised not only as courtesan but also as bandit, wanted to get a valuable family scroll.
This picture shows the last play. Yoshiwakamaru fights against two doshin (police officer) while quietly taking a meal served to him from his companion Minezo. He calmly throws one of the attackers over his shoulder, smiles and takes bowl off the tray while the second police officer already lies on his back with his legs in the air. Minezo looks amazed at Yoshiwakamaru.
A wonderful picture with expressive figures and wonderful details (Jitte etc.). The scene takes place in a shabby room with cracks in the wall plaster and broken bamboo poles in the window through which Yoshiwakamaru probably entered.

Artist: Toyokuni III. Utagawa (1786-1865).
Format: Double sheet, each 25 x 37 cm (two Oban)
Year of publication: around 1840
Condition: Wonderful and clean double sheet. Some small wormholes which have been reinforced.
Colours: Schönes sauberes Doppelblatt. Einige kleinere Wurmlöcher fachmännsich hinterlegt. Ecken ganz leicht berieben.
Farben: Very good and brilliant.

The image may slightly vary in colour to the original due to the photo/scan.

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