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Battle in Kagoshima

This picture shows an image section (middle part of a tryptichon) of the battle with the rebels at Kawajiri and Takahashi in Kagoshima.
At the right side we see Saigo Takamori, the leader of the rebels, sitting astride his horse who is directing his troops and gesticulating with his sword.
A lively scene full of energy and action with wonderful expressive figures. A wonderful print from Yoshitoshi.

Artist: Yoshitoshi (1839 - 1892)
Format: approx. 24 x 35 cm (Oban)
Year of publication: about 1877
Condition: Very good print. The left upper half of the picture has various small wormholes which have been reinforced. The middle of the sheet has a slight purple shimmer.
Colours: Very good.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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approx. 300 grams
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