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Kyodo Risshi - Murakami Yoshimitsu

Kyodo Risshi no Motori
(Heroe and heroines who were considered to be ideals for moral leaderhip and success). Murakami Yoshimtsu, who was on the road as Yamabushi, snatches the (probably stolen) flag of Morinaga Shin'no from two bandites.

Artist: Yasuji Inoue (active from 1864-1889)
Format: approx. 23 x 35 cm. (aiban)
Year of publication: 1885
Condition: Very good. Print has a horizontal middle fold.
Colours: Strong and good.

Inoue Yasuji was one of the best students of Kiyochika Kobayashi. He could have become a great Ukiyo-e master. But unfortunately he passed away when he was 25 years old.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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