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This woodblock print shows a duel. A samurai armed with a battle club attacks his opponent who tries to defend with his yari.

Kuchi-e are sheets which were printed for publishing them in Japanese novels and literary magazines. They were made around the turn of the century (1868-1912).
The translation of Kuchi-e  means “mouth images”. Seen that way, they are, if you like, the precursors of the later mangas.

Artist: Unknown
Format: approx. 30 x 22 cm.
Year of publication: Around 1880
Condition: Sheet is rubbed on the left and right upper side. Brown due to its age. Single mould spots. Edges are bent. Two lateral folds due to the fact that it was part of a book.
Colours: Very good and brilliant.

Kuchi-e are woodblock prints which were handmade in the tradition of the antique
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