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This picture shows the buddhist monk and zen patriarch Bodhidharma dar.
(Artist unknown).

Sumi-e („Sui“ means water, „Sumi“ means black ink which is made from soot, „e“ means picture). For this technique of painting, only black rod mascara which is ground to fluid mascara colour on a slate stone is needed besides a brush, water and unsized paper. Using different techniques, large or small brush strokes can be painted. Depending how long the ink is ground and diluted, the mascara colour becomes deep black, greyish black or even very bright and translucent.

Artist: Unknown
Format: 24,5 x 18 cm.
Year of publication: around 1900
Condition: Sheet undamanged, The edges are brown due to its age. One lateral fold in the middle of the sheet.
Colours: Strong and very good.
Signed with seal.
Article no.: 70461
approx. 100 grams
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