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The deity Fudô Myô-ô and the priest Mongaku

Fantastic scene in which the priest Mongaku repents at the rushing waterfall Nachi. After the samurai Endo Morito wrongly beheaded his beautiful loved one Kesa gozen when he wanted to kill her husband, he decided to abstain from taking revenge and became a buddhist monk under the name Mongaku. He praid for twenty-one days standing under the icy waterfall and only survived with divine help.
The illustration shows how he clings to a rock near the raging water as suddenly three deities appear on a cloud in order to help him. In the mid, Fudô Myô-ô is surrounded by flames. He holds a sword in his hand in order to strike down nonbelievers and a rope in order to tie them up. He is accompanied by his heavenly companions Kongara doji and Seitaka doji.
A wonderful illustration of this theme.

Artist: Tomita Keisen (1879 - 1936)
Format: 28 x 41,5 cm
Year of publication: First edition around 1922 - 1926
Condition: The sheet has slight wrinkles due to its age. Apart from that a clean and very beautiful print.
Colours: Brilliant and good. Sheet is slightly brown due to its age.
Manually applied subtle shimmer highlights Fudos sword and his jewellery.
Wonderful and impressive presentation.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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