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Super 8 movieKatame no Kata

Substandard film in super-8 format from Japan.
The film shows the Katame no Kata.
Unfortunately, it is not evident who the performers are.

Producer: Meiko Inc. Tokyo/Japan
Länge: 20 minutes - without sound.
Diameter of the film spool: 17,5 cm. (Metal spool)
Year of production: Probably around 1970
Condition: The outer package (cardboard cover) is slightly bent and rubbed. The film cassette (metal) is in a very good condition (original packaging). The film itself is in a very good condition, too (was never played).
Film box and spool without any rust! (Almost as new)

An interesting historical exhibit for Budo historians and assemblers.
Article no.: 70279
approx. 500 grams
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