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Midair Collision - Tengu no Sekai

This reprint shows one of the famous manga drawings by Yoshitoshi "Tengu no Sekai" (Tengu world). The tengu at the left side of the illustration is carrying a letterbox typical for the Edo era, the other one carries a bag which was typical during the new postal system during the Meiji era.
They clash with each other in the air.
On the lower right edge of the illustration, a telephone mast is shown.

Artist: Yoshitoshi Taiso (1839-1892)
Date: The original is from 1882
Signature:  Yoshitoshi
Seal: Seal of the artist
Publisher: Funazu
Print format: Koban 23,0 x 18,0 (Width x Height)
Reprint sheet: Koban on DIN A4, 200 gram paper.
Article no.: 70056
approx. 200 grams
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